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This is where you talk about yourself. Your name, your hobby, your favorite color, the tenimyu actor you're stalking, etc. blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
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Friends Cut1 [19 Apr 2005|04:38pm]


If you've been cut, don't take it personally. Chances are I'm probably not mad at it, it's just that I feel like we have nothing to say to each other anymore. Comment if you've been cut and would like to give us another try.

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Reasons why I hate poetry [19 Apr 2005|04:19pm]
[ mood | hot ]

So we did the whole "Reasons why I hate Poetry" discussion in English today; which is suppose to be our next unit. Poetry sucks because you have to count sylibols, it has to match, be annalized. People just slab words down and call it "poetry" while other looks so hard into it and sees all these things that aren't there. >.>

Poetry isn't useful, it's even benefical to society. Apperantly, I spend a good portion of the class arguing with bitchy slutMary it. She goes "maybe you're just insenstive", and I go "Maybe. I'm willing to admit that, but are you honest enough to admit that there's no contributions made by poetry either?"

Mary Rue is just so... Full of herself. She trys to be smart and all and only ends up giving me a bad impression of Korean people. She's just offended that I'm the smarter asian here and I'm better at tennis. Basically, I'm just more mature than her, and she knows it. >.0

I seriously can not run at all in P.E. I can't start off fast at all. I get dehydrated and faints after running five meters. >.> Not even funny.

And we wached the introduction of the Pope on TV. I was in World History class, and we had just finished studying Roman Cathlic and Eastern orthodox a week earlier; so I guess he thought it was important. All they showed was the image of the window balcony and the crowd of people, and I'm liked "okay, let's just watch this all class period and not do anything".


I look evil with eyeliners, as I realized. It took me three weeks to learn how to apply it the right way, but it works fine, so I obviously love it. XD

Anyways, I have to study for a unit test, so I probably won't be on after 7 P.M Eastern Pacific Time. >.>
[Quote of the Day]
"Emily, I think your emo-filled choise of clothing is giving off a bad message and vibe to the community..... Keep up the good job." -ME. X3

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My tooth huts [18 Apr 2005|01:38pm]
[ mood | high ]

Back from the dentist; they kept on pointing it with a hook thingie, it hurts to bite down right now. Awie. -.-"

My teeth don't look any more white, I'm not even kidding. They want me to get braces, and I'm like 'NO', just pluck that tooth out, because I'm not wiring my mouth. >.> I want Invisiline braces.

My dad thing my dentist is up to a conspiracy to earn money, so he won't let me to back and get a filling for my cavity. Watch my mouse rot on it own.

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Dies// [17 Apr 2005|11:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

'Eiko is on LJ now!


Chouwa-chan is a genius, go and praise her brain-ality at moonlit_curse <3

And, yeah, I've been waiting for 'Eiko to get on LJ since the world began it's curse... //Dies//

Yeah, this is like, my fifth entry for today; I usually don't write this much. But now I'm on sugar high. X3 And I think my dad is watch Yu-Gi-Oh downstairs.

dollhouse__x: Go stalk her. XD


Something I want to know [17 Apr 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | full ]

Because I've been talking to people. Alot.

  • Where did we first meet?
  • When did we start 'talking' to each other?
  • How would you describe me to someone you've never known before?
  • Being serious, what do you think of me; my personality?"

    Answer these four questions, and I shall love you forever, really. Are we friends, good-friends, or just random people who talk to each other?

    So tell me who I am

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    AIM Express! You think you're all that! [17 Apr 2005|07:14pm]
    [ mood | drunk ]

    I've been trying to download AIM Express all day since I can't download the original AIM. >.> My ibook fit all the requirments, but it just WON'T. DOWNLOAD. ARAHHHH!

    //Kicks student ibook//

    Sara said I should be able to download it on my ibook, but I still can't. Oh, god, why do you torture me so?!! ;.;

    Help? Please? Anyone that wants to talk to me on AIM? ::meep::

    [EDIT] I. Want. To. Play. Tennis. Period. There's this commerical for "Verbs" on tennis... I haven't been able to play tennis since this monday. I had a free three-day weekend, and I didn't get to play ANY tennis at all! Not fair! -.-

    Does anyone feel like driving down to Viriginal and playing tennis with me? X3

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    [17 Apr 2005|04:44pm]
    [ mood | bouncy ]

    I got up at seven this morning, which is super weird since I barely do that on schooldays. >.> I started writing DreamNovels, and only managed to get two done before lunch.

    I've been watching Nickolodian all day, which is actually kind of silly. The room is so warm, it's not even funny. I totally need to drink more, I already ate three bowl of grapes. X3

    I'm high on Jiroh and YanaKiri now. Jiroh is just so cute and bounsy.

    Chiharu's LJ schoolmate crew
    Ae-sama. aethrin My Kikumaru-sempai wana-be. She calls me "Chibi". X3
    Gar-sempai moonlite_curse
    Ani-chan able
    Kawaii Kasumi kohai sakura_star69 I call her 'Sumi-chan or Kasu-chan. She's so cute!
    'Eiko-chan dollhouse__x <3 Just pure, love. She's probably the one I've knowning the longest on the web. XD

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    Codes and stuff [17 Apr 2005|11:37am]
    [ mood | ditzy ]

    Oh, who has the DreamNovel script now?! Ha! Beat that! MWHAHAHA!!


    Right, I finally got the 'insert name' javascript code to use for Dream Novels, so I stayed up all night to test it out. Now I'm more hyper than ever.

    Everyone, check it out!

    I haven't eaten anything in 24 hours.. >.> Awie... Can't play tennis this weekend because everyone's sick, for some strange reason, and I get to stay online. XD
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    [16 Apr 2005|01:45pm]
    [ mood | artistic ]

    Guess who just got a cellphone?

    Okay, so it's not that big of a deal since I don't use the phone that much, but having a cellphone is always easier when we're having a match somewhere away from our homecourt, and then I don't have to borrow my friends' moms' cellphones.

    Really, what do they expect me to say after "sweetie, do you think you can keep the conversation under one minute? We only have a limited amount of minutes."? ._.

    So, eh, yeah. I'll probably give my phone number to able or something, I'm not sure if that many people will call me. >.>

    So, it's a three-day weekend, and I've finished all homeworks ahead of time. XD Life is good. I have a dental appointment on money afternoon (way to ruin my 3rd day of vacation, daddy dearest). I have like, 6 cavaties waiting to be filled. I was suppose to do that last year, but I didn't feel like it, and my parents didn't really care either... Che, I had dental appointments. They carve my mouth open and drills holes through it, and goes "oh look, there's something in need of a filling! Better come back later, hehe" >.0
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    [14 Apr 2005|05:38pm]
    [ mood | devious ]

    Anipuri makes my life unstable, seriously. I relax after I'm done with homework/projects/research/etc. Then I watch Tenipuri, I get happy because I see pretty boys in action. Then I get super happy because not only do I get to see them on TV, I also see them at school.

    Che, I sware that Tenipuri has side-affects. As in; obessed in real boys playing tennis? Is that too much to ask? Geeze.

    Right now, I'm moody. Because I'm a spoiled, spoiled, only child. My parents are also very sadists (even though I got that from them), and cynical. I'm being "difficult", because I refuse to fill out everything on the application form for him so he can just sign it, since he's so lazy.

    Most of the times, I'd help him if he was busy. Right now, I don't feel like it. I hate orchestra. I never wanted to take it in the first place, he wanted me to. I kept at it because I was good. Now I have wasted three years of my life with Orchestra, I want to stop. Of course, he doesn't let me.

    I explained that I need history credits to graduate from high school, they don't listen to me. They say I'm "selfish" because I just don't want to take it. As if it's not selfish for them to make me take something I hate just because I want to have enough credits to graduate? -.-

    I refuse to fill the Summer P.E. form out because I never wanted to take it in the first place. Really, who'd want to take P.E. during the summer when you can't even run a lap in school? Besides, I couldn't care less if I take P.E. in the summer or not, since I never wanted to take Orchestra next year. In able to take Orchestra next year, I'mm have to take P.E. in the summer, so I would not have to take it again next year, and I'll have one more open spot for the electives. It's not my problems, because I couldn't care less if I take Orchestra next year or not. Apperantly, he thinks I'm being difficult and irresponsible, and I have a horrible attitude.

    Now we're throwing random stuff at each other.

    I feel like I have mastered the art of Daoism. XD I'll just sit back and drink tea while he drives himself insane. Be like Winney the Poo~, please.

    Yes, I am very sadistic. I get that trait from him, Sankyuu.

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    [13 Apr 2005|07:13pm]
    [ mood | blah ]

    Is currently watching 天龙八步, 2003 edition again. I'm more obessed with Jing Yung's novels more than ever now. XD I Also watched So Close again a few days ago, Vicky Zhao is so skinny. >.> It's sad, because now she's hit 30, she's really not that popular in mainland anymore.

    It's weird, but I'm getting less homework than ever now. >.> I always finish my homework for tomorrow, and the day after ahead of time. So basically, I'm done with all the stuff before five every day, which gives me six or so hours to do whatever.

    Thanks to everyone who made me feel better. I'm usually not very prone to emo-typed stuff. So if my being crappy scares you; don't worry, it won't happen a lot. //Hug//

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    Here comes the Chiharu-angst train. Trust me, it's good for your ego. [12 Apr 2005|06:45pm]
    Paid livejournal account= $20/year
    Internet connection= $19.99/month
    Keeping my journal clean of emo= Priceless.

    For everything else, there's kung_jian.

    Yes, it's my new alternative journal where I rant about stuff. This is just where I post my fics and keep my semi-periodical dirary. To all my friends, add me, please? Because there's a lot of stuff I want to say to you, just not in here.

    I'd like to keep my journal clean, crisp, and free of emo. So for everything else, there's kung_jian
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    Because I love crack laguanges [10 Apr 2005|11:39am]
    [ mood | accomplished ]


    Creo Que me encanta escribo en esponel y molesta usteades. Es muy diversitada. XD

    我没有什么对做, 充分金属方士和王子网子 son encanto. Ne? Atashi wa otaku crack, arigatou. So I stayed up late til... Eh, three or something. Now I have 去对Alethea's house, y no me gustaria su hermana menor. Esta as muy... Pervertido, ella tiene seis anos y corres en su casa desnudo. XD

    But Kira as so cute, 她叫Alethea ' 姐姐' in chinese. Este es el chinese solo sabes.

    [[Brownie points to anyone who can translate all of these in english]]

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    Let's walk to Dollar Town [10 Apr 2005|11:26am]
    [ mood | thirsty ]

    So, yeah, we were at the library yesterday, where I attempted to multi-task. IE. Trying to finish our project while prying Alethea off of my feet; which, mind you, is very hard when that girl wants your shoe. >.>

    You got about nothing done, and even better, there's this scary old lady behind us that kept on glaring at us. In the end, we gave up and wrote "I love Gayton Library" on a piece of paper and glued it to the wall even though I'm sure we're not suppose to do that.

    And then I went shopping, blah. Why is it that jeans makes you look like a Size1, when when you try on a skirt, it makes you look seriously obesed? I blame all of this on my 3745 jeans, really.

    //Kicks treadmal// I've had this junk for two years, and never really used it before. Thank god for Gazelle.

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    Crack! Pairing Rants [09 Apr 2005|01:46pm]
    Most people know me on ff.net as Chiharu-chan, the girl who's obsessed with crack pairings. Yes, I did start out as a cannon-shipper. Syaoran no Hime did that to a lot of us. But right now, I found that I am in love with crack!pairings. It indicates my independence when it comes to my fandom. I want to stand out because of what I believe in, and I believe in crack! pairings.

    Crack! Pairings is always so fun for me because I love using the different possibilities to pair them up. Because they're a crack pairing, I find it more fun to think of ways to pair them up, because they're mostly non-cannon.

    My Crack! O.T.P is, and always will be Mari/Nichrome/Macchi/Hao for the mankin fandom. Sure, Mari/Nichrome was invented by Kitsune Asakura, but Macchi/Hao was completely thought up by a randomness in my mind. I can even remember riding my bike, debating whether to use HaoTamao or HaoMacchi a little over a year ago.

    I sided with HaoMacchi because it was different, it helped me establish my reputation and love for Crack. Now, I can't find the heart to keep on shipping them, because now a lot of other people is in to Macchi/Hao. I love the fact that my insanity is rubbing off on people, because it's quite weird to find another writer into Hao/Macchi.

    What's so fun about loving Crack!Pairings is it's not Crack anymore? I'm sure Syaoran no Hime started writing HoroTamao and RenPilica because it was challengingly fun. Now, other people worship it, so it's not fun anymore. I find it, bland.

    Yes, I am a selfish brat, but I can't do anything about it. >.>
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    My imaginary friend is cooler than your imaginary friend [09 Apr 2005|12:28pm]
    [ mood | awake ]

    So, yeah, I went shopping yesterday. I got those shoes, plus, everything was on sale, so I get another pair of flip-flops with the money I saved.

    PayLess = <3

    So, yeah, I'm during a term report for World History; since I have no life, I choose Alchemy. FMA helps, but now I have to go research and all that junk. It's not due til next month, but so is our SOLs. One thing that sucks about taking HighSchool courses is the fact that our end of the course exams are always earlier than the rest of the grade level. >.-

    I was suppose to get cloth too, but I never got the time. Now I'll have to go do our English myth project... -.- I hate my english teacher, did I ever say that? He's a new teacher this year, but he sucks. He doesn't know how to teach rightfully, and always use quizzes and test from other teachers. So most of the material he hasn't even covered. I don't care if he's new this year, but he's ruining my average for my last year at Byrd. It's completely his fault that I had a 92.1 in English for the first semester.. >.> 92.5 would be an 'A'. GAH! //Rips my hair out//

    Emi got a livejournal too, I think. She was gonna give me her username, but both of us forgot to... Stupid, stupid.

    Also... I had a very random dream last night.. Well, two nights ago, actually.

    So I was walking around this grand hotel, in Japan, I think. I go down the stairs outside, and I see a few girls crowding over a guy. I peer up to see Nayagan Takeshi, this Tenimyu actor for Kikumaru Eiji. I go up and start talking to him in English. He can actually understand me, which is weird because I always talk so fast.

    And then Megan comes in, she doesn't like him. She glare at him a few times and go up the stairs, open the window, and smacks him in the head with it. Then he faints. >.>

    And I'm like "MEGAN!"
    She smirks and goes. "Let's kidnap him."

    Yeah, so, I wake up. I told Megan about it, and she started laugning exactly like in the dream, which is freaky.. >.> I have such weird friends.

    [Quote of the Day- "Get this through, Mr. Mollin gets high on sniffing ink"]

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    Speing Craze [07 Apr 2005|04:10pm]
    [ mood | anxious ]

    [Warning] This entry contains heavy rambling pertaining to spring fashion and randomness. Read it at your own rish.

    Reasons why I am really looking foreward to the weekends.

    1. I finally gets to play tennis. I haven't been able to play at all this week, and watching cute boys in spring tennis really isn't helping. Damn, why can't girls' tennis be in the Spring as well?

    2. I need to get cloth, period. Spring means that the weather is so much warmer, and I can't hide behind my tennis jersey anymore, which sucks, because that's the only thing I have. The scariest part of about going shopping is that I'll be going with my mom. I'm serious, my mom is like, crazy when it comes to shopping. She has to look at everything. The last time I went shopping with her, we spend 7 hours at the mall. She was staring at a pickle jar for 15 minutes, and we didn't even get pickels. It's insanely scary just to go shopping with her, and none of you can understand the horror.

    Also, I have like, 2 skirts in my wardobe for spring. I only have jackets and t-shrit and jeans, and nothing else. It's not like I'm completely self-consecious about myself, but I don't like shorts, and skirts are only cute when they go past my knee. And since I have no fashion since what so ever, moth of my wardobe are just stuff I had from when I was.. Seven. >.>

    3. This all bring me to my next point, I need shoes. I was suppose to go shoe shopping with Alethea and Kalyn last weekend, but since Jing and Sara didn't show up, we got sidetracked and spend like, 5 hours in the anime store. >.> So now all I have is a worn out sneaker with no sole and a hole on the front, and a 6-year old flip flop...

    But I saw the cutest shoe at Payless the other day, and I'm in love. Literally, it's sort of anime-like, but can go with anything. This is odd, since I never really go shoe shopping, but I got to get those shoes. My entire life depends on wheter of not I get them this weekend, because then I don't have to buy any skirts. Even if I do, I don't have to go extra shopping because those shoes goes with everything.

    And I had about 347280974 tests this week, which is bad, but now I've done all my homework for tomorrow and the weekend, I can finally relax and get some freash air. The lack of oxygen is probably why I typed so much crap. XD

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    Anime is My. Anti. Drug. [05 Apr 2005|05:01pm]
    [ mood | aggravated ]

    Can't talk for too long, I have this giant World History test tomorrow, and I seriously needs to study, and I already failed the Christanity Pop Quiz... (Really, God is the creater of christanity. >.>)

    So we're trying to identify different types of volcanic rocks in Science, and Prof. Smith is like 'what do you think are the main ingredient to these rynties'. And we go

    And everyone around me stares like I'm insane or something. Witch, I kind of am.

    Pasha: Oh yeah, Nicotine. Anime keeps you from smoking.
    Me: Yeah, Anime is My. Anti. Drug. XD

    I'm still trying to steal Lindsay's radioactive grapes during WH. I'm seriously, they're like the size of tennis balls. >.> She must've grown it with radioactive pollution or something, that's just not right.

    Anyways, so it's Spring Sports season again, and there's a pack of boy going around school carring a tennis racket. This is good, because they only remind me more of Tenipuri. Except, this time, the tennis boys are real. >.> Damn, why can't Girls' Tennis be inthe Spring instead of Fall? XD

    Anyways, here's something for able

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comSorry it took me so long to get this up!
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    [04 Apr 2005|08:02pm]
    [ mood | peaceful ]

    Title: Legalization
    By: Chiharu [mankin_rp]
    Disclaimer: Mankin belows to Takei-sama
    Theme: 065: Calendar
    Pairing: Hao/Nichrome
    Rating: PG
    Fandom: Shaman King
    Summery: Nyorai has a message, Hao delivers, Nichrome chokes on his soup, they have a conversation on the legalization age. Because I have too much fun overwelming Gar-chan when she's out of commission.

    Namari is going to get his bitch to overtake my position if I don't finish cooking this weekCollapse )

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    For techncolourkiwi [04 Apr 2005|05:24pm]

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    For heartaddiction, so she better reads this. XD
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