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    Set: March 14th, 2005

    Words of Caution

    Chiharu is your average, Chinese, Free-lancing fanfic writer, tennis player, tea-drinker, crack cosplayer, and nerd.

    She pokes at things when she is bored, and likes to talk to random people in Spanish when she visits her friends. Espcially that weird guy who keeps on riding his bike around Alethea's house. "No hablamos ingles! Porque, necesitamos el direcion en esponel, por favor!"

    Other than that, she is completely workfree on Modays: when she sleeps all day.

    //Looks pointedly at Flist//

    Have a nice day. //Hands you cookies//

    Credits:People I have shamelessly stolen brushes from
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    Procrastination is love

    Ishida x Orihime is love.

    You hate me because I'm angsty? Deal, bitch.

    Shikamaru and Temari are nagging love.

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